RF MEMS–Passive RF components and RF MEMS

Among the research projects being undertaken by the RF MEMS group is an effort that uses combined thin film stacks of PZT and ZrO2 as a dielectric layer in capacitive RF MEMS switches to obtain high isolation. The group has also conducted extensive characterization of the materials in RF to aid in the design and fabrication of switches and switch matrixes.One main challenge with any capacitive MEMS structure is dielectric charging.  Researchers in the group are thus studying the fundamental aspects of dielectric charging and are developing methods and technologies to control the process. Another project is examining low loss SAW filters, with a focus on exotic piezoelectric materials like LiTaO3 and black LiTaO3. The group also performs research in collaboration with local and international partners on wide bandwidth high frequency FBAR filter technology, as well as high frequency packaging and integration technology. New activity on high frequency acoustic wave devices for biosensor applications has recently started.

(Ulrik HankeAgne Johannessen)