The MOEMS group is currently working with local and international partners on projects related to optical devices and systems. In an industrial project funded by Research Council of Norway, Projection Design AS and Education Department (KD), high performance picture projector are being developed using semiconductor lasers as the light source. Micro-electro-mechanical devices have been developed for reducing the coherence effects in laser picture projector. In another project funded by the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with Royal Inst. Of Technology Stockholm, Vertical Cavity Transistor Lasers (VTL) for high bit-rate optical fibre communication are being developed. We have demonstrated GaAs based transistor VCSEL operating at room temperature giving high optical output power. In another project funded by Oslofjordfond and Prediktor AS, a wearable sensor system is being developed for continuous non-invasive blood glucose monitoring in patients. Previous projects have been completed in the areas of: speckle reduction in laser projectors, TeraHertz radiation source and amplifiers, tuneable polymer micro-lens modelling, infrared camera optics modelling. We have established an Optics Lab having equipment for device measurements, and also optics simulations softwares: Zemax, PICS3D, Comsol RF.

MEMS device for speckle reduction in Laser projector

(M. Nadeem Akram)