MNEMS-Micromechanical sensors, actuators and ultrasound transducers


Research at the MNEMS group is mainly concentrated on Micro/Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MNEMS) based sensors and actuators, and on ultrasonic sensors and actuators for displacement sensing, flow sensing and imaging. The group uses silicon micromachining process technologies and nanoscale thin film technologies to achieve high performance at low cost, for use in applications such as pressure sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes, and infrared emitters for use in contexts involving radiation.Silicon micromachined microphones and infrared emitters enable researchers to build gas sensors systems based on the infrared absorption principle. These may be used in applications such as carbon dioxide gas sensors or and methane monitors. The group also works on packaging and interconnection technologies for these silicon-based sensors and MNEMS actuators, where the challenge is to combine interactivity with the environment to be sensed with small size, high performance and reliability at low cost. The group focuses mainly on biomedical applications for ultrasonic sensors and actuators for displacement sensing and flow sensing and imaging. This includes packaging and interconnection technologies for ultrasonic sensors and actuators, as well as system-oriented signal conditioning techniques.

(Per Øhlckers, Lars Hoff)