The goal of the Nano-Network is to establish a strong national network for research training in applied physics and physical electronics, focused on innovation and improvement of microsystems through the introduction of nanotechnology.The research of the network partners include design, modelling, growth and processing of mesoscopic (nm to μm) device structures for mechanical, electronic, optical, magnetic and bio-components in nano- and microsystems, as well as manipulation and basic studies of their physical properties, directed at applications in health, environment and safety, energy supply and conservation, telecommunications and transport.

This network includes the principal professional R&D communities in nano- and microsystems technology in Norway. These are in several respects complementary, both with regard to academic expertise, research focus, and laboratory infrastructure. The network aims to improve access to top scientific expertise and experimental apparatus for PhD candidates within the network, and will support the research community at the educational institutions, as well as SINTEF and relevant industry.