CONE – Conducting Oxides and Nanostructures for Energy Technology

The focus of this group is exploring functional materials and nanostructures as a key to providing new approaches to clean and sufficient sustainable energy supplies. The group works with conducting oxides and nanostructures for applications in photovoltaics (solar cells), solid-state lighting, fuel cells, accumulators and batteries. The core of the research centres around three themes:

  • Fundamental properties of defects and impurities in conducting oxides (CO)
  • Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) for photovoltaics
  • Nanostructures for energy technology


In the context of this work, the group is specifically interested in understanding fundamental defects in COs, defect and bandgap engineering of n-type TCOs, realization of p-type TCOs, suppression of carrier recombination at TCO/Si interfaces, and realization of nanocrystals for 3rd generation photovoltaics.

Bengt G. Svensson, Edouard V. Monakhov