Future Wireless Technology


The group is exploring novel integrated radio solutions suitable for integration in standard digital technology. Short-range radar, communication solutions with precise localization and electromagnetic cameras using beamforming are under investigation. The Continuous-Time Binary-Value (CTBV) design paradigm is being explored for use in impulse radio ultra wideband (IR-UWB) systems, which provides good tissue penetration and accurate position determination. These developments are ideal for medical implants because they enable the easy transfer of power and data. A concrete example of this is a blood sugar sensor that is implanted under the skin of a diabetes patient, which is powered wirelessly from a battery worn on an armband.Wireless technology is embedded in most mobile gadgets. Paradigms like wireless sensor networks (WSN) envision an increasing number of wireless systems embedded in our environment. In addition to communication, radios may be used for localization and for sensing (radar). Integrated radio solutions in standard nanoelectronics facilitate inexpensive solutions and are often combined with sensors and/or microprocessors (μC).

(Tor Sverre Lande)