Oxide Electronics group

Magnetoelectronic device applications have already revolutionized consumer electronics with components such as the GMR read heads of computer hard drives and magnetic random access memory. Researchers in this group are focused on the development of novel materials for sensor technology.The group´s research is centred on the synthesis and investigation of epitaxial complex oxide thin films with diverse electronic properties ranging from ferroelectric insulators to metals and superconductors. Modern scanning probe techniques (AFM/STM/TEM/scanning auger spectroscopy) enable the study and manipulation of these materials on a sub-micrometer length scale. This in turn provides experimental information and new insights into fundamental physics.Among the research projects are domain engineering in magnetically ordered epitaxial oxide thin film nanostructures, nanoscale ferroelectrics for device applications, and epitaxial integration of complex oxide thin films on silicon.

(Thomas Tybell/Jostein Grepstad)

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