Nano-optoelectronics group

Research in this group encompasses understanding and fabricating compound semiconductor-based nanostructures (using quantum wells, nanowires and quantum dots) for optical device applications. The focus since 2006 has been mainly on the use of III-V nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Characterization of substances such as nanowire quantum dots using techniques such as low temperature photocurrent and electroluminescence is done in order to understand and exploit quantum size effects for future photonic applications. Modelling is used to examine the electromagnetic and electro-optical properties to optimize their geometry and structure for better performance. Nanowire devices are fabricated in the NTNU NanoLab using electron beam lithography, nanoimprint and focused ion beam techniques. The long-term goal is to process III-V nanostructures into different photonic devices such as nanowire solar cells, emitters (lasers, single-photon sources), and sensors.The group has five specific projects underway, four of which are funded in part by the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The RCN projects are “Fabrication of tunable mid-IR laser diodes for sensor and communication applications”, “Nanomaterials for 3rd generation solar cells”, “Modelling and fabrication of nanowire lasers” and “Development of semiconductor nanowire based solar cells”. The fifth project, “Semiconductor nanowire based solar cells” (NaNordSun), is a Nordic consortium led by Prof. Weman during 2010-2013, financed by the Nordic Innovation Centre through the “Top-level Research Initiative” program.

(Bjørn Ove Fimland/Helge Weman)

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