Miniaturized ultrasound transducers (CMUT)


Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic transducers, or CMUT, are at the core of the research in this group. The focus is on CMUT modelling, design and fabrication, as well as the development of nanoscale complementary metal-oxide semiconductors or CMOS, and the design of interfaces between the two.
SMIDA: Smart Microsystems for Diagnostic Imagining in Medicine and
MUSIC: Microsystems for Medical Ultrasound Video CamerasSome of society´s most important medical advances have hinged in part on our ability to better diagnose health problems in the least invasive manner possible. By bringing micro and nanotechnology to medical imaging, SMIDA and MUSIC are NTNU´s interdisciplinary efforts to develop robust microsystem technologies for minimally invasive diagnostic imaging.This involves the characterization and electrical modelling of integrated sensors/actuators with microelectronics and the development of new interfacing electronics suitable for low-power and integrated sensors.

The projects also involve research on the optical detection of ultrasound, optical spectroscopy and the fabrication of RF CMOS, RF MEMS and MEMS. Both projects are interdisciplinary and involve participation from the Electrooptics Group, the CMUT Group and the Integrated Circuit Design Group.

 (Arne Rønnekleiv)

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