PhD courses during the fall semester 2017


Course name
Study points Lecturer Forms for visiting students

MN-ACT9005 Acoustic Transducers

USN Fall 2017 5 Lars Hoff Form from USN

MN-BIO9000 BIOMEMS Extended

 USN Fall 2017 10 Frank Karlsen Form from USN

MN-ENE9005 Energy Harvesting

USN Fall 2017 Einar Halvorsen Form from USN

FYS 9230 Modelling and design of micro- and nanosystems

UiO Fall 2017 10 Terje Finstad Form from UiO
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MENA9510 Advanced Characterization Method

Note: The course is limited to12-16 students.

UiO  Fall 2017 5 Form from UiO
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