Support for research activity and services at external facilities

The Norwegian PhD Network on Nanotechnology for Microsystems offers financial support to cover research activities and laboratory and processing expenses for PhD candidates and post doctors in the network. Support is granted based on applications and is limited to maximum NOK 50.000 per student.

The grant may cover

  • direct expenses at the lab (access cost, expendables, etc.)
  • processing work done “out of house”
  • procurement of minor equipment needed to conduct research in your own lab
  • extended research visits at universities or research institutions abroad

The grant may NOT cover

  • salary for the candidate
  • hourly rates for use of equipment/facilities at own institution, with the exception of NorFab facilities

The following guidelines apply:

  • All PhD-students/post doctors that are members of The Norwegian PhD Network on Nanotechnology for Microsystems are eligible to apply. The network does not grant “substitutional” funding for expenses budgeted and granted for experimental work on projects funded by The Research Council of Norway. The thesis advisor confirming the activity should be aware of the guidelines for financial support.
  • Support is limited to PhD thesis work and post doctor projects of network members, i.e., no funding of course work or master projects.


Please note that all projects applied for in this call must be completed in time for your invoice to be submitted before 1 December 2019.

You will need a confirmation from the service provider/host university. A signed confirmation from your thesis advisor is also required.


Download standard confirmation letter for research activity

Application is closed

Reimbursement is based on actual expenses. Please read the instructions in your grant letter carefully before submitting your claim. All grants must be spent before 1 December 2019, and all invoices must be submitted within this date. 

For questions, please contact Berit Myhre.


Financial support from NorFab

The Norwegian Micro- and Nanofabrication Facility, NorFab is a consortium of the micro- and nanofabrication facilities at NTNU NanoLab, UiO MiNaLab, SINTEF MiNaLab and University College of Southeast Norway’s (USN) MST-Lab.

NorFab offers financial support to cover user costs for PhD students who use the laboratories within NorFab. More information and application form can be found here.

NorFab does not offer travel support. However, it is possible to apply for travel support from the Nano-Network and support for user costs at NorFab.