PhD courses during the fall semester 2012


Course name
Study points Lecturer

FE8135 Nanostructuring

NTNU Fall 2012 10 Bodil Holst, Jostein Grepstad and Ton van Helvoort

FE8126: Low-Voltage/Low-Power Analog CMOS

NTNU Fall 2012 5 Trond Ytterdal

MN-ENE9005: Energy Harvesting

HiVe Fall 2012 5 Einar Halvorsen

BIO9110: Biological Micro and Nanosystems that perform biological, clinical or molecular work

HiVe Fall 2012 10 Frank Karlsen

MENA9510 Advanced Characterization Method

Note: The course is limited to12-16 students.

UiO Fall 2012 5 Coordinator: Vebjørn Bakken