PhD courses during the fall semester 2014


Course name
Study points Lecturer Forms for visiting students

FE8126: Low-Voltage/Low-Power Analog CMOS

NTNU Fall 2014 5 Trond Ytterdal Form from NTNU

ENE9005: Energy Harvesting

HBV Fall 2014 5 Einar Halvorsen Form from HBV

BIO 9110 Biological Micro and Nanosystems that perform biological, clinical or molecular work

 HBV Fall 2014 10 Frank Karlsen Form from HBV

FYS 9230 Modelling and design of micro- and nanosystems

UiO Fall 2014 10 Form from UiO
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MENA9510 Advanced Characterization Method

Note: The course is limited to12-16 students.

UiO Fall 2014 5 Form from UiO
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